History of Moroccan Beni Ourain Rugs

These rugs are most unique and modern and famous for their geometrical structure and these rugs manufacture in urban environment. Moroccan beni ourain rugs basically colored with neutral colors like beige, brown, off white and black colors. Apart from these colors you can find this vintage rug in more vibrant colors with natural dyes such as Hanna, indigo, saffron etc. Antique designs have been running form generations of weavers which is most attractive and bench mark of Moroccan beni ourain rug.

The combination of rural and antique design makes this carpet more eye-catching and pleasant. Today who choose modern design would opt Moroccan rug over Persian and Turkish rug. Because these rugs were not famous before 20th century but now a day’s these rugs are in trend, everyone wants to use these rugs as vintage or antique item too.

Acquaintance of Moroccan Rugs

Moroccan rugs are quite famous because of its geometrical structure and have become first choice of customers as well as interior designers. Moroccan rugs don’t have a long history like other Persian and traditional carpets but these rugs are notable for their attractive and strait designs. This rug manufacturing starts in mid of nineteenth century as integration of western Turkish rugs and Moroccan rugs followed closely its trove. These rugs are not limited to geometrical design you can find more attractive design in Moroccan rugs.

Beni Ourain Rug

Moroccan beni ourain rugs are most famous among all Moroccan style rug and these rug made by beni ourain tribe in Atlas mountains of Morocco. Beni ourain is not a name of any design but this is the name of collection berber tribes. You can easily recognize a beni ourain rug by its Ivory background, geometrical structure. This rug is simplistic which makes it most desirable among all rugs. If we talk about its price so this is the less expensive rug in market in comparison of other vintage rugs.

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